My Life, work and Mission

Life and Work

There are writings promoting clarity and order in human thinking. The lives of those whose minds function with clarity and order tend to promote wellbe­ing and order in the environment. I am living so that my writings, my talks, and my ideas may promote order in the most comprehensive sense of the term.

God always Act in order. Any disorder in nature is a part of the order. Man (human beings) has to order his activities and his culture to accord with the natural order. Righteousness or dharma is the term for that comprehensive meaning of order. Ethical rectitude is only a small though an essential part of righteousness.

I hope to promote order by promoting order in human thinking. I hope to promote righteousness in the world by persuading human beings to become lovers of righteous­ness, and to live a Pro-God or righteous or dharmic life. In another way of speaking, my life is dedicated to teaching that which is revealed to me as simply and clearly as possible with numerous illustrations so that even young school children can understand it.



It must be admitted that the religious scene has always been confused and contentious. My mission is to teach the basic fundamental principles of religion in as clear and universally acceptable a manner as possible to reduce confusion and contention. It is a restatement of the perennial truths of Higher Wisdom which is popularly known as religion in a form, which I think, will serve the religious needs of the present skeptical and scientifically minded genera­tion.

My mission is, to unite all humanity in a common View of Life, Way of Life, and Goal of Life or in other words, doctoral unity to all human beings. The message that comes through me is not at all intended to displace exist­ing religious teachings, existing concepts of God, or other methods of attaining God. Rather it is to classify, codify, and unify spiritual wisdom in the ultimate sense.

The world is a place for human beings to work and to earn the knowledge of their true identity, conducted by God, for the benefit of every individual, subjected to a beginning-less ignorance of one’s true identity. The life you live is a pilgrimage of spiritual practice performed by you, though unknowingly. Your persona is the instrument of spiritual practice used by you, unknowingly. You are a pilgrim, walking towards the realization of your true identity in this world, which is a workshop for your spiritual endeavor, but unknowingly. God is your Guide, and Eternal Guru. Your goal is to attain the state of non-dual At-one-ment with God, and experience your Substratum Self or Perfection.

The world is a great university and God is the principal. We are the students, and education is being imparted to us through experiences we undergo through the instruments of cognition, volition and action. The realization of our true identity is the degree to be obtained so that we need not reenter the college again. In the above, both the View of Life and the Goal of Life are stated,

The Way of Life is conscious and intelligent and ear­nest cooperation with God. I call this Conscious Coopera­tive life with God. It can also be called Isvara Saha Yoga. The Conscious Cooperation or CC consists in Right Awareness of the Truths, and Righteous Living with a Service Spirit to God that has been expounded in my writings.




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