Our wellbeing is related not only to our material and social living conditions but also to the way that we regard ourselves. Not only our wellbeing but also the quality of our living and the manner of our performance of our tasks is related to our Self Regarding Conception. When I became clearly aware of the truth of the constitution of the world and man’s place in it, I felt that human beings should be given a True and New Self Regarding Conception (S.R.C) from which a new life would flow naturally. 

ISVARA PUTRA meaning an offspring of God is the truest and greatest of all self regarding conception of human beings because we are really Isvara Putras, the reflections of God in the intellect. The Isvara Putra concept exalts the human being’s self respect. It is universally acceptable to people belonging to all religions and to all countries. It accords with the world’s best wis­dom which makes life sweeter and which can inspire happier and cooperative living.  So be proud that you are an Isvara Putra, and don’t go for lesser and false Self-Regarding Conceptions.  Isvara Putra is not a label: it is what all of us really are. It is a revelation of a human being’s inner and deeper constitu­tion.

But it is one thing to know that one is an Isvara Putra, and another to experience oneself as one. To experience oneself as an Isvara Putra, one will have to love God as a good son or daughter, and serve Him as a good servant of His world. The Isvara Putra concept will impel a person to follow a noble life. There are enemies for the Isvara Putra to vanquish but the enemies are not outside of us. The enemy lurks within us. Desire, anger, stinginess, pride, and jealousy are the five enemies to be vanquished before the prize of the experience of oneself as an Isvara Putra can be gained.

When you love someone very much you want him to have the best. Nothing less than the best is good enough for the one you truly love. When you consider that something less than the best is good enough for somebody, you do not truly love him. You only like him. I say, love yourself truly. Desire the best for yourself. Desire the knowledge of your true identity or Isvara Putra gnanam for yourself. If you crave recognition by society as an important person, you are not seeking the best for yourself, and you do not truly love yourself. I don’t say do not work for a good position in society. I say don’t crave it. If you truly love yourself then nothing less than the non-dual Union or At-one-ment with God should be good enough for you. The experience of fullness of God-relationship in a non-dual At-one-ment with God is your ultimate highest good. It is Perfect Spiritual Health.

Dear Reader

I love you more wisely than you love yourself and therefore I am calling you. You are an Isvara Putra. Resolve to experience yourself as one.  If you are an advocate for non-dualistic philosophy or advaita vedantin, please understand that the knowledge of one’s Substratum Self or Brahman, and the knowledge of one’s true identity as not different from God or Isvara Putra gnana are not opposed. While very advanced spiritual practitioners can make a straight bid for non-dualistic experience, others will do well to seek first the experi­ence of oneself as not different from God, and afterwards go to non-dualistic experience.

I inform all of you that you are offspring or sons of God or Isvara Putras, even if you do not know it. I am inviting you to become good sons of God, or conscious Isvara Putras. How should Isvara Putras live so that they can become perfect offspring or sons of God or Isvara Putras?  I am answering the question through this exposition.

Here I would like to say this.

Every soul is an Isvara Putra. Souls are heavenly beings and they don’t have sex like earthly mortal persons. The relation between God and soul is the most intimate, not less than husband and wife. I am choosing Father and son relationship for general acceptance. The right to call your true identity as Mrs. God, or Miss God, or Master God or in other words Isvara Patni or Isvara Bharya or Isvara Putri or Isvara Putran, is yours.

According to this philosophy both men and women in truth are Isvara Putras.



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