Dear Acceptors,

Good Isvara Putras are like brides of God engaged to be married to Him, waiting and endeavoring to qualify and equip them selves to be wedded to Him, in the greatest of experience called non-dual At-one-ment with God or Samadhi. Thus they are quite distinct from that large body of worshippers of God, whom I regard as flitters with Him, craving for various sundry benefits, not motivated by deep desire to attain Him. I know that a large majority of people at present will not be inclined to take the teachings as seriously as I wish it to be done. But there is an inner conviction in me, that a time will come, when there will be hardly anyone who is not proud to declare himself or herself to be a good offspring of God

A drop of lemon squeezed into one portion of a tank of milk will change the whole milk. I have not the least doubt that if you do what has been written by me, the environment will undergo an ever widening and deepening transformation. But I fear that in a hard pressed age, my ideas and my unwillingness to sell them or myself, I may not find public appreciation in my life time.

I ask you to be anxious to live a simple but definite way, following the four spiritual practices as an expression of your life. Be not over anxious for wisdom concerning thoughtless awareness, ceasing to be a thinker etc. Do not be in a hurry for withdrawal. You are RA, the Unchanging Awareness and you are going to know your true identity as RA and remain as RA forever. But it is rare to get a chance to be born as a person and serve God. So avail yourself of this opportunity, ascertain your birthright and live like heroic good sons or daughters of God.

Become a good offspring/an Isvara Suputra today and not tomorrow. Live as good sons and daughters of God and live so infectiously, influencing others to live as you do. The coming of a better world thus lies squarely in your hands, not in the hands of the government, or even in the hands of God.



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