The Manifesto
Isvara Putra Samaj ®
(Founder - Swami R. Vaidyanathan)

In brief, there are four fundamental questions to which we must have to answer if we are to live intelligently and well. They are:

  1. Who or what am I?

  2. What is the meaning of life I live in the world?

  3. What is life’s goal?

  4. How shall I live to attain it?

The IPIL Philosophy answers the questions like this:

  1. You are an Isvara Putra/Offspring of God

  2. The life you live in the world is an Isvara Lila/God’s Play

  3. The great goal of your life is to know the truth about yourself and God, and to perceive their identity. In short, your great goal of life is to attain Isvara Sayujya or non-dual At-one-ment with God.

  4. The way of life that will lead to attain Isvara Sayujya is, according to my teaching, is Conscious Cooperation that consists of (a) Right Awareness of the satya panchaka or the five truths regarding God, yourself, your physical body, ego and life; and (b) Pro-God Living that has been explained in sadhana chatushtaya or the four sadhanas.

All suffering stems from an ignorance of one’s true identity as Isvara Putra, and deludedly attributing to oneself the imperfection of the mortal body in which we are encased. One does not have to become Isvara Putra; one also cannot cease to be Isvara Putra even if one wants. Even in worldly life there is nothing a child can do whereby the child can cease to be its father’s child. But it is open to the child to be an unloving or loving; disobeying or obeying child.

Isvara, the Lord, our Heavenly Father, is active to develop every one of us to attain His Likeness. We are in truth inherit God’s Likeness. God wants us to enjoy our heritage, and He requires our conscious cooperation with Him. To fail to offer it to Him is to miss life’s greatest opportunity. By so doing a new human being will arise, a new life for mankind, which all the great people envisaged and worked for.

The Exposition of IPIL Philosophy, systematically teaches Right Awareness in the View of Life, and explains the Conscious Cooperation with God in the Way of Life.
Those who accept that one is Isvara Putra, one’s life is Isvara Lila, and one’s great goal of life is Isvara Sayujya; and want to practice Right Awareness of the Five Truths and live one’s life Pro-God, can become a member of Isvara Putra Samaj or the Association of Conscious Offspring of God.

The membership is open to all who are interested in the above View and Way of life.

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