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The 18 Prespositions of Masquism

A mode of worship that would be acceptable to the people of all religions.

PrepositionsSwami Vaidyanathan's words about this book: "I have prepared a rational and systematic presentation of Higher Wisdom, in the form of 18 Prakaranas/Prepositions, upon which my exposition of Masquism, a Religious Way of Life, is based. This presentation is clear, categorical, unambiguous, and contains practisable instructions and is free from inner contradictions. This presentation is in consonance with ancient spiritual wisdom; though references to the authority of particular persons or books have not been referred to. It must also be remembered that the Prepositions are not offered as a new spiritual wisdom to replace the old. Its purpose is to give humanity a way of ordering one's thoughts and life, and integrating them according to the higher Wisdom (paravidya)".

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