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The Worship of God

A mode of worship that would be acceptable to the people of all religions.

WorshipOfGod"Among the various realms of knowledge that human beings have evlolved in the course of centuries or millenniums of his living, the Realm of knowledge relating to Religion is by far the most important. In the conditions of modern living, for a variety of reasons, many may have a difficulty in having a clear knowledge of what exactly to understand, what to practice and what to hope for by so doing. Of these three, 'what to practice' is most important...."

The purpose of this book is to explain how to make one's life in the world a worship of God in its entirety and not just in one part of it only and to prepare the individual for a successful practice of meditation and inquiry, by enabling him/her to achieve purity of mind. This book will help the readers to understand the wisdom of the scriptures and other books in their important essentials, and help them to incorporate them in their Sadhana, for the attainment of the Great Goal, to which Religion invites all men.

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