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How to dance and be liberated from 'i' : Movements and Expressions, A spiritual journey


Our life is God’s dance. It is God’s Sport or Lila. Dancers dance to entertain the audience, but the Lord dances to enlighten us from our ignorance - this is the meaning of the Dance of the King of dancers, Lord Narataja. We should aspire and work towards viewing our life as God’s Dance, through dance-sadhana. When our small ‘i’ totally disappears, the world will clearly appear as Isvara’s entertaining and enlightening Dance.

To know our lives as God’s dance-drama is the highest value that a human being can acquire. This is why, in one of his songs, Saint Appar has sung that if an individual, while living in human body can see the world as Lord Siva’s dance, surely, the human birth is worth obtaining.

“enittamudaya edutta porpaadam kaanappetraal
manidappiraviyum venduvade inda maanilatte”

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