Aphorisms of Masquism

Swami R.Vaidyanathan - A Man With A Message To Humanity

HARIKATHA - Samartha Ramdas

HANDBOOK - Offspring of God and Play of God

How to dance and be liberated from 'i'

The Art and Science of Conscious Cooperation with God

The Worship of God

18 Prepositions of Masquism

RARE - RAmana Maharshi And REmaji

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  • Isvara Putra Isvara Lila Siddhanta
  • The Sutras of Masquism
  • The 18 Prakaranas of Masquism
  • The Worship of God


  • Philosophy of Sport
  • Viveka Jivana
  • Religion and Better World
  • The common factor of Religion
  • Golden Utterances



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